KJ Rocker about the Affiliate industry

KJ Rocker about the Affiliate industry
KJ Rocker is for sure one of the guys in the Affiliate industry, that has the most talents. When we recorded the Podcast for the Affpal YouTube channel, I needed to use notes to cover it all. Because of that, he is able to give a qualified answer about nearly every aspect of the industry and we had a super fantastic informative talk about the state of the Affiliate Marketing industry. KJ is a Super Affiliate, Blogger, Consultant, Speaker, and Podcaster, and no this is not enough. He is also working with Affiliate World to keep their shows on the high level that they always have. It all started out many years ago in Pakistan. KJ Rocker had a talent for C-Language and decided to use this skill to make a better living for himself and his family. The start was bumpy. He had to work every month for 1 week just to pay for his Internet access. That’s something most of us can not imagine. The whole story you find in the video, and its inspiring and motivating at the same time. KJrocker 

Working with Asian Affiliates

Asian Affiliates like KJ Rocker himself have not always the best reputation and networks and programs often act extra careful when a new partner applies for an account. We all, including the affiliates from, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, and other parts of the world can agree that this is not coming out of the blue. Lots of fraud was and is produced there and what’s even more problematic, a lot of these partners sign up and never start a business at all. There are many explanations for this type of behavior and KJ Rocker has an answer not only why, but most importantly how you can work very efficient and productively with partners from this region. After nearly 15 years in the industry, and 1000s of conversations with partners from there, it gave me a complete new idea of how to approach and work and with these online marketers. Affiliate Management is really a bit different in that case.

The KJ Rocker Blog

I am sure that after you watched the video, you realize that KJ Rocker is a great guy full of knowledge and the right philosophy on how to succeed in the online marketing space. Wanna learn more from KJ or interested in his services? Then I highly recommend you to visit his Website. He runs one of the biggest newsletters for Affiliates. Sign up there and you will not be disappointed. Also on top of that, he has sponsored send-outs for companies that wanna reach a great audience of relevant and engaged Affiliates. watch affiliate marketing podcast
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