Dominating competitive Affiliate Verticals

Dominating competitive Affiliate Verticals
Some Affiliate verticals in Affiliate Marketing are harder to manage than others. That’s not only the case for Affiliates but also for the account managers working in that field. One of the Masters in the field of Managing Crypto Affiliates is Mike Teterin. For many years he has been activating, scaling, and managing some of the top accounts in his vertical. In the meantime he is managing his own company and is in charge that his Account Managers deliver the same quality as he does. We had the pleasure to have a chat and exchange knowledge during the Affiliate World Asia 2023 in Bangkok. My favorite part of the chat is how he has used Masterminds which he organized together with his former company to get access to the best partners in the world. I am confident that this would work in every Affiliate Vertical, no matter if you run Nutra, Crypto, Dating or Finance offers.

On how to manage competitive Affiliate Verticals

Even if you have a high-performing offer, in a competitive market that is not enough you have to offer more to start new partners, increase the activity of the current one, and maintain the ones that are already on top. Here are some great advice:
-It’s in this field often personal connection -Do more for the Affiliate than just be an offer provider
-Help the affiliate to grow with other partnerships like Joint ventures with other affiliates, introduction to service providers
-Help to optimise the Cashflow (something we did with Maxrev in the iGaming Space) 
-Clear communication
Mike Teterin

Mike Teterin scaled to 1 Million

One of the Affiliates he met during his Black Hat Meetup was a guy that he scaled to 1 Million € payout within 3 weeks. For the people in Affiliate Management, this Sum is not uncommon, we all saw that or even higher numbers. The fascinating part here is that it was achieved within 3 weeks. Especially in a highly competitive Affiliate Vertical, that’s something rare. Wanna learn top-notch Affiliate Management? Get the Affpal Book! Besides that, we highly recommend you watch this Episode of The Art of Affiliate Management. watch affiliate marketing podcast
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