Do shorts help niche content creators?

Do shorts help niche content creators?
Shorts, Reels, etc. are known to be the easiest way to grow an account. No matter if it’s Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and even good old Facebook. Short, easy digestible clips made especially for mobile users are all over. Having all that content anyway I added it to LinkedIn too. As a Digital native, and creator myself, it was on the time to do a small experiment. Will the daily upload for 11 days have a significant increase in followers and subscribers even if I am a niche content creator? Spoiler alert: Not really but it had some other effects and learnings! It’s important to remember that my videos are ultra-targeted for a small audience:Marketing – Online Marketing – Performance Marketing – Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Management So it’s 6 layers until the Affpal content comes.Youtube micro niches

What nice videos I have created

To ensure that I have everyday content to upload I created 6 shorts about chapters of my book, The Art of Affiliate Management. So thats for sure niche and the core of the Channel, profile and page. Besides that Tina from Affpal HR created a video about how to make perfect CVs. Additionally, 4 more clips were made related to the podcast.So let me share with you now the numbers

Instagram from 848 to 883

Tiktok from 91 to 99

Facebook from 5 to 8

Youtube from 159 to 169

Linkedin not counted

 Let’s look into it a bit in detail:

LinkedinI just measured the engagement. It was totally in line with any other post there. Not the platform that is made for shorts. Don’t produce video content for Linkedin, not matter if you are broad or a niche content creator. If you have it it does not do any bad to upload it though. Here I would focus on small texts that are focusing on business instead. To reach more people outside of your tribe also the collaboration articles are a fantastic way. There will be soon a Podcast with Stefano de Cubellis a true LinkedIn Master about that topic. So subscribe to the Affpal channel to not miss any videos. 
FacebookHad 0 relevance. The reels had close to 0 viewers and engagement. The increase in followers comes more from Tagging Affpal as a page several times. Free reach on FB is close to impossible as a brand if you are not doing super viral stuff.
TikTokWas always a channel that was a riddle for me. Maybe I am too old, but it was very interesting to work with it and see how it functions a bit more. The TikTok Meetup in Bangkok that I emceed was quite motivating. The account grew from 91 to 99 followers. The problem with TikTok is that it shows the content in the majority to the people where you are based. That means in my case Romanians got the content. In English, as a niche content creator. It’s not the best way to use reels because of that. I have the theory that you have to manage to get viral in the markets that you aim to get in the future reach there as well. What is great here is that Tiktok is very generous with the views they give you to test the Algo. No video had less than 250 views. The highest one was the first one I uploaded with nearly 2000 views, after being long absent from the platform. I guess they are keeping you motivated like this. Another important thing is that Tina performed better than me besides the 2000 view one 🙂 It can be that Tina simply looks better or that her content is not that niche (general recruitment advice) 
YouTubeWas the most important one I had in mind. It was also the most confusing one. Usually, it took a few hours until the first views came in. Then the issue was that it often clips by itself on nonpublic and didn’t save the caption on more than half of the videos. So if you work with Youtube shorts pay attention to that. The best-performing video was “What a new Affiliate Manager has to learn with 464 views. Tina was once again having beside the big one from me a better reach with 387 views. The rest was all around 25 views. But now we come to the nice part of it. 10 subscribers in 10 days is way better than usual. For example, now are 2 weeks gone and I added only 4 more. So that’s helping. Another advantage is that it looks like Youtube is showing the old videos to more users again. You can also relate to big videos in your shorts. It looks like here I could directly see some nice benefits from it. 
InstagramWas Percentage-wise the worst and when we speak in total the best. Here was Tina with 1700 views by far the best. The most likes went to me with 51 for the first video uploaded which got also 1200 views. It looks like Insta has here an Algo similar to TikTok that keeps new Reel uploaders motivated. 
All channelsHad one thing in common, the less a person was in the video viewable due to edits and use of pictures the less it was delivered. Likes and comments do not have such a big influence, it’s more about how long people watch it. So whatever you do use the first 2-3 seconds as a hook to keep people with you. I found out that everything that I did that was over 35 seconds was not performing that well. Also if you have a longer video the changes increase that people don’t watch the video fully which will have negative effects on your Video performance. To engage more people, I have to give up also the role as a niche content creator once in a while and offer some generic business, marketing or Mindset content.Linkedin Niche content

Will I do a special interest short or reel challenge again?

Definitive! There was some learning and with a combination of shorter clips, better filming and editing, and the usual use of more general content that Tina will create for Affpal HR I am sure that it can reach a way better performance than the first test. Also this time we start with own informations about how to set it up. All Tutorials I found in the creation process were made for general topics and not Niche Content creators. Stay tuned. All Channels and profiles of Affpal you find here at these Linktree 
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