Best Practice Affiliate Management

Best Practice Affiliate Management
Best Practice Affiliate Management with one of the veterans of the Performance Marketing Space. Hary Sankula manages Affiliates since many years at the Dutch Advertiser FRST Media. Since a few years he is also the head of sales. In that long time in the industry he gathered a massive amount of knowledge. He also loves to train and educate other online marketers, so he was more than happy to take time during the Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok 2023 to share some insights. We cover topics like
Scalling Affiliates
-Learning a new Vertical as an Affiliate Manager
-Organising Affiliate Meetups
-Training Affiliate Managers
-Philosophies when it comes to hunting new partners
He holds not back with any information and the interview is for Affiliate Managers and Team leaders in the space in the same way relevant.Harry Sankula 

Affiliate Events and working with FRST Media

FRST Media stands for outstaning Affiliate Events, and I think I met Harry even the first time 7 years ago in Amsterdam at one of their partner events. They rented and abandoned school and made something like a bizarr party there with clowns, midgets and a super wild party. It started already crazy going to the location with an American Style School bus with a dude in a bunny costume there. We had like 10 minutes of introductions to the products and than a fantastic event started. An other time, they were sending something like a female biker gang to a conference to pick up Affiliates and drive them to a truck. This truck had once again a 5 minute presentation and after that a wall fall down and you got drinks. Absolute innovative! This year at Affiliate World there was no 5 minute speech and no clowns but my first Michelin Star dinner! So thank you Hary and the entire FRST Team. Whoever does not work with them and needs offers in the EN speaking market. Contact them.affiliate program frst media

Know your product

One of the Key Advices that Hary gave about Affiliate Management, especially if you are a newbie, is to know your product in and out. A lot of young account managers focus on the sales part. Even when they learn to understand the market and the terms, they often miss out on what they are even selling. That causes often frustration at the Affiliate. An Affiliate wants to have often an answer fast. Its ok to circle back as nobody can no it all and often we have to speak to somebody in the team to make things happen. But if you dont even know your basics, your reputation goes down, and the affiliate finds an alternative home for their traffic. watch affiliate marketing podcast
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