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Affpal, that’s Stefan Muehlbauer, one of the leading experts when it comes to affiliate management and everything that surrounds it. 

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Since 2002, the year when I started my first job, I focused on Sales and very soon also on the hiring and Training of Salespeople. In 2010 I moved from the finance industry into online marketing and worked in different programs in Business Development, Affiliate management, and Teamlead with up to 20 people at the same time under my wing. During all these years, speaking and panels were a nice side hustle besides my normal work.

In 2021 everything changed. I got an invite to do a keynote at Affiliate Grand Slam in Dubai. The problem was that I was usually speaking about products, and in my case, that was at this time Adult Dating. That was not a very appreciated topic. Sitting down and thinking about what I really know in and out, I decided to speak about affiliate management. The speech is still online (link). During my research about this topic, I had the challenge that I was not able to find any proper education covering Affiliate Management. 1000 courses on how to make money online but 0 on how to manage these hustlers 😊

In the end, I had to sit down myself and think about the last 11 years of my professional experience to develop the presentation. The speech was received with very positive feedback and I got my first consultancy gigs. After a while, I got more invites to be a speaker, and more requests, and the side hustle of speaking turned into a full project under the brand Affpal.
In the meantime, the project contains:

2 YouTube channels: Affiliate management & Dating industry for my full-time client “Masters in Cash”
HR service for hiring and training talents from the affiliate marketing space
Consulting service on how to set up and run successful programs
Translation agency that works only with people from the affiliate marketing industry that understand how to translate to convert
Concierge Service to connect people in the industry
A book called the art of Affiliate Management (published summer 2023)

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