Award for Best speaker in Affiliate Marketing

Award for Best speaker in Affiliate Marketing
The award for the best speaker in the entire Affiliate Game goes to us. Affpal won the award of the TopGold Forum 2023. Especially if you consider the fact that Stefan speaks only about Affiliate Management, Business Development, and HR, it’s even more fascinating. The lineup of options to bring home the trophy was tough. Anna from Maxweb, William from Loudbids, Sergei Glaukus, and many more to name just a few of them would deserve the speaker award. Also usually the winners come from Areas like SEO, Native, Funnel optimisation, Meta etc. Becoming a great speaker needs more than just interesting topics. It needs a routine. Stefan had more than 20 keynotes in 2023 and on top of that, a vast amount of panels to participate in or host. With time you get a feeling about the audience and what stuff you have to put in your slides. One of the speeches that was helping was for sure the Hiring and Training of Account Manager speeches at the Affiliate Conference in Milano. There were a lot of members of the TopGold forum around and could experience a top-notch presentation that every online marketing expert could relate to.

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Speeches about Affiliate Marketing

It’s always fascinating to see the lineup of speakers at conferences. In most cases, nobody covers topics like Biz Dev, Affiliate management, or HR stuff. In 2021 when Affpal started it was very hard for him to find sources to educate himself. That’s how the idea was born to become the first dedicated speaker about this topic that covers all verticals. In the US you find some ecom Affiliate Management trainers and there are some educational programs for iGaming Affiliation. But somebody covering all verticals is to the day unique. The Affpal speeches are split into separate groups:
-Keynotes -Panels
-Podcasts with Guests 
-Best Practice
-Case studies
-Team Management
-Dating Industry
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Book award-winning speaker

You host a performance marketing-related event and you need an absolute Elite speaker? Talk with us about what affiliate-related topic we can deliver a keynote. We provide the perfect combination of hands-on Information that is easy to digest and put to use and an entertaining wrapping of that all. As a unique service, we do Case Study presentations in the name of your company if you don’t have a speaker on your team. Contact us for speaker Booking
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