Video: Business Development Round Table

Video: Business Development Round Table
Business Development is the thriving force for any company. In the first roundtable ever on the Affpal channel, we cover exact this topic with 3 experts. Combined we have a few decades of experience in elite Biz dev. Most of us spent the majority of our work in this job also in performance marketing. So be prepared for some great insights, that will help you to skyrocket your performance. The experts come all from different parts of the online marketing space. Lets see who they are: 

Karen Ciulla from Reflex Leads (Leadgen Whitehat)


Victoria Zelicovich of Guru Media (Nutra, eCOM, Biz Op, Leadgen)


Roman Khmelnytskyy representing Mirelia (Dating, Traffic, Monetisation)

Best practice in Business Development

We are covering this topics for you:
  • Is it just a fancy word for sales?
  • How to identify opportunities
  • How to prioritize
  • Broad reach out vs targeted reach out
  • Personal branding
  • CRMs
  • Communication within the department
  • How to benefit from trends
  • Changes in the industry
  • Is it needed to stick around as a Business Developer after a cooperation runs successful?
     Interested in bringing any Business Development related skill to the next level? Don’t hesitate to contact us. 
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