How to become a better speaker

How to become a better speaker
Public Speaking becomes more and more important for personal branding. Per year I do an average of 20 speeches and I host the same amount of panels as well. Find 9 tips and advices for stepping up your public speaking game.Advices to improve public speaking
    • Check Setup
    See if there is a prompter to read, will you have a microphone or a headset, is there a clicker? All these are important things you need to know before speaking. If there is no prompter have notes on your phone or better a tablet. 
    • Avoid long intros
    They come to learn about a topic not about your career, that you are there is proof enough that you are an expert. Use only a few words to intro yourself and not your entire CV and bragging what bigshot you are 
    •  Dont show your back
    Dont turn around to just read from the projection.If needed just have a quick turn to find your guideline and than face the audience. 
    • Planed jokes never work
    Never plan a joke, what is funny for you doing the presentation is in most cases not funny at all. You are eighter funny by nature and you do something funny at the presentation spontaneous or not at all. 
    • Interact with the audience
    It helps you a lot to keep them paying attention. The easiest way is a survey (who in the audience does this and that) 
    • No script
    Dont follow a strict script. Be natural. Just practice and rehearse and do than the presentation in your own words. 
    • Speak about what you burn for
    Also my speeches about products are not great. I prefer to speak about Affiliate Management. In that way the audience is feeling the fire! Usually my audience stays until the end. 
    • Avoid reading
    Dont just read the point on the slides. Say them but in your own words. The people know how to read. 
    • Pitch at the end
    After your speech, the audience hopefully recognizes you as an expert. Now its time to make your pitch and to share contact details. Nowadays Instant Messenger and social are more important than email in affiliation.  
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