Book release!

Book release!
One of our biggest project was to write the first modern book about Affiliate Management. The original target was to make a 300 pages hardcover book about all aspects of the trade. During writing it, we realised, that its a 2-3 years project and that the most requested help is really about the basics about Affiliate Management. For that reason we focused the energy on an eBook that contains everything somebody has to learn that wants to start out as an AM! But not only beginners can get valuable informations from it. No also established industry experts can use it to reach elite level. For Teamleaders it will be a super helpful tool to bring their team up to speed in no time. Learn affiliate management

Content of the book

Before buying a book its important to know what is inside, so you can make a qualified decision.  So here we go. This is the content of “The affiliate Management Starter Kit” by Affpal.
  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • The roles in Affiliate Marketing
  • Career opportunities
  • How to get into the industry
  • How to pass the interview
  • What you need to learn
  • New Affiliates
  • Old Affiliates
  • How to get the best training from your Affiliate Team Lead
  • How to master your backend
  • Getting the most out of an affiliate trade show
  • What to do with your (new big) income
  • All terms from the book
The book is already sold private for a few weeks, and everybody in the performance space that got the hands on it, is amazed about the knowledge that is packed into it. A special thank you goes out also to Digistore they really went the extramile with us to make it proper. We are really happy to cooperate with them and look forward to publish more content over them. The book is by the way also as an affiliate offer at Digistore. So if you have a newsoutlet about online marketing, let us know and we  can cooperate. Order it noworder affiliate marketing book  
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