Partnerkin Interview Affiliate Management

Partnerkin Interview Affiliate Management
Partnerkin is one of the leading news outlets when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. Me personal enjoys their blogs and articles on a regular base since they launched their English speaking version. It is a great honor for Affpal that Partnerkin invited me for an interview. The questions were really on point, and I enjoyed it a lot to add my 2 cents on the market and share some insight about my work as a consultant, trainer and shine some light on the creation and insights of “The Affiliate Management Starter Kit” Also I think the interview explains quiet well how I handle my daily work at “Masters in CashPartnerkin affiliate manager interview

Take aways from the interview about Affiliate Management

Every Affiliate Manager, Teamleader and Business Developer encounters similar issues, no matter what vertical they are active. Even if you have read the book or you are long in the industry new challenges appear every day when it comes to Affiliate Management. The interview can be seen in some way as a footnote to the book, as it explains certain points from a different perspective.
  • How I started, helps prospects to secure a job in performance marketing
  • Earning potential for account managers and a shocking fact about the highest paid affiliate manager I ever heard about
  • Daily routine working for a direct advertiser
  • Sources to spot trends in online marketing
  • Use of AI for presentations
  • Prediction for the next years
  • Skillset for account management
The interview ends with some final words about favors and how they help to build your personal brand. This is not only related when it comes to account management in the marketing world, but are applicable for whever job you did. If you help people without expecting anything in return, good things come back to you often better than you would expect. In need for help? Check out the Affpal Concierge service.
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