2 nominations at Affiliate Space Awards for Affpal

2 nominations at Affiliate Space Awards for Affpal
The Affiliate Space Awards by Conversion Club, are one of the most important awards in the industry. 2023 is already the 4. year that they will hand over the trophy to the movers and shakers of the industry. It looks like Affpal is in the meantime a mover and shaker as well. Stefan got nominated for even 2 awards this year. We would be super glad if you support him with a vote for -Best Speaker -Best influencerThe Ceremony will be held on the 9. of December in Bangkok after the Affiliate World Asia. Last year Affpal attended the event and it was once again when Conversion Club is organising something absolute fantastic. 2022 was just the beginning of the Affpalbrand so Stefan just attended as a guest. This year as a nominee, its extra exiting for us.

Reasons to give Affpal your vote for the Affiliate Space awards

The competition is super big in this 2 categories. Most of the speakers are super big names that deliver always on stage! Also the influencer category is full of people that are absolute opinion leaders. Not only in their vertical, but in general in Performance marketing. No matter who you vote, you can not be wrong.Undecided? Let us give you some reasons why you should consider to give your vote to Affpal. -Best Speaker. There is most probably close to nobody that speaks at so many conferences and presents on nearly all of them a complete new presentation. Affpal speeches are not only highly educational but also entertaining. Leading show organizers invite us over and over again to enrich their stage with content!-Best influencer. That makes us really proud as it shows that the training of Account managers became “Mainstream” in our industry. Since nearly 3 years, Stefan influences heavily the way of working in Affiliate Management and Business Development.Organizing a conference and in assembling your speaker A-List? See what we can offer you.  
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