Affiliate Management Case Study in Athens

Affiliate Management Case Study in Athens
Affpal never made a speech about a case study. In all the hundreds of speeches that he ever did it was always about hands on examples in general. Its now the first time in Athens during the Game2023 by Eventus that this will change. We are invited to present how we recently helped our consultant clients to scale an affiliate from zero to hero. To give you already a small teaser: Maxrev is an iGaming network with a cutting edge Smartlink solution, focusing on content creators. They identified a team of content creators that had a really great potential and together we scaled them from 2000 € a month to 70000 €. In the Athens speech Affpal will show in details what Maxrev already did themselves, and how we helped them to make the final achievements to reach their new payout records.

Best practice of Affiliate Management

Beside the case study, we will also present best practice in Affiliate Management. The content is highly relevant for the Account managers but also for the program/network itself. Like usual this examples are used in our daily work and are updated with every development or trend in the market.Looking forward to be guest at the Eventus stage and meet a lot of very interesting new partners.Interested in bringing any affiliate Management related topic to new heights? Don’t hesitate to contact us.
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