The best booth on a tradeshow

The best booth on a tradeshow
A booth on a tradeshow is more than just the company’s business card. It’s a great opportunity to meet new partners and to bond with your established ones. The booth has to reflect your brand identity and should leave your visitors with good vibes only. For every booth, no matter what size the design, the merch, and how you approach people are important. When you have a bigger one, things like music, food, and drinks, yeah especially drinks become important. At Sigma Malta 2023, Enchant Affiliates won an award in their category for the best booth. Well deserved I have to say. I can not recall in nearly 15 years of doing this job and attending more than 250 trade shows any company that created a welcoming atmosphere like them. We met at Sigma Cyprus where my friend Jack Decuzo was spinning in their booth. Fantastic sound and they had also 2 amazing barkeepers. You could feel that even the external contractors working there enjoyed it. The Enchant affiliates booth has a fashion vibe and their giveaways are high-quality shirts, hoodies, etc. When we met again in Malta, it was for me besides the times I had meetings, podcasts, or doing my speech the usual place I was hanging out. It was the place to network! Booth on conventions 

Networking options for all guests

The bar and great food are one thing to attract people to a conference, but that’s not all, the entire team has to be involved. Everybody working there was helpful, approachable, and kind. You could not be more than 2 minutes without a glass. That was easing up the mood so much. After the conference closed we stayed for some hours more for a private booth party. I think I got more than 10 contacts for consulting, podcasts, and HR. If it is that good for a guest, how good it must be for the owners of the place? And how do they create this unique vibe? That’s some of the questions I could ask Astique their head of Sales and the brain behind the concept. We could sit down for 20 minutes to shine some light on the success. 

What does Enchant Affiliates do

Astique also explained a bit more about EA and what they do. It’s an iGaming company with offers in various Geos. In this highly competitive market, great offers are not the only factor to success. It needs also top-notch marketing and great Affiliate management. We are looking forward to seeing them on the next conference. If you pass by their place on the next trade show, don’t hesitate to swing by and say affiliate marketing podcast
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