How to write a book (and use it for personal branding)

How to write a book (and use it for personal branding)
How to write a book is a question that many people ask themselves. What are the steps to do, how I overcome a writer blockage, how to structure, and many other challenges? Stefan had to face this issue as well. It took him nearly a year to finish his book “The Affiliate Management Starter Kit” and that’s only an eBook! In the best Affpal style, he documented the entire process to complete a guide for following writers! 

How to write a book!

There are a few steps that you have to follow if you wanna complete a book! There are for sure more methods, even more efficent ones, but my method works for sure for every “amateur” who wants to know how to write a book. If I can do it, without any higher education, you can do that too.-Finding your topic or niche-Choose Allies: Layout & Design, Distribution, Pacemaker (a fellow writer or circle of writers to keep you motivated)-Draft your Book-Fine-tun the chapters-Have it ready for the market-Benefit from itThe exact Blueprint you find in my video, recorded at the European Summit in Cascais during a Keynote 

Using a book for personal branding

There were a few motivational factors why I wrote the book. We can separate here into 2 big groups, like challenging myself, helping people, etc. and business reasons like earning money from the sales and especially improving my branding. I got dozens of new HR clients, more than 100 new candidates close to 20 new consultancy partners, and more invites than ever to Podcasts and as a keynote speaker shows that a book is a fantastic way to grow in all aspects. There were even some more unexpected benefits like learning way more about the trade I considered myself a Master in. If you are interested in writing a book and you got stuck, buzz me! I help you for free! You can reach out best her if you wanna learn more about how to write a book and use it for personal branding. 
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